ECBA Attorney Jessica Clarke Quoted in BBC Article on Sexual Harassment in Housing

ECBA attorney Jessica Clarke was quoted in a BBC article titled: “A woman’s choice – sexual favours or lose her home.” The article details a case that Jessica Clarke worked on while an attorney at the Justice Department, in which women were coerced into sexual encounters with men who were in control of their housing. The case was in Laurinburg, North Carolina and involved two employees of a public housing agency that administered the Section 8 voucher program. The two men threatened to revoke housing vouchers for numerous women unless they acquiesced to their sexual demands. As Jessica describes in the article “[t]he breadth of it was so shocking. . . . When the person who has the keys to your door, who controls where you live is a predator, there’s nothing scarier.”

To read the full article, click here.


Ilann Maazel Appears on Inside City Hall with Errol Louis About CFPB Lawsuit

ECBA partner Ilann M. Maazel appeared yesterday evening on NY1 with Linda Levy, CEO of the Lower East Side People’s Federal Credit Union. ECBA represents the credit union in its case challenging President Trump’s appointment of Michael Mulvaney as Acting Director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

“[The CFPB] is being run by someone who should not be there, someone who is there illegally,” Mr. Maazel told NY1’s Errol Louis. “We’re in a state of absolute regulatory chaos.”

Oral argument was held this morning in federal court on the credit union’s emergency motion to remove Mr. Mulvaney and on President Trump and Mr. Mulvaney’s motion to dismiss the case.

Watch the interview here.  Read more about the lawsuit here and here.