In NWM Capital v. Mark Scharfman, et al., Court grants ECBA’s Clients’ Motion for Summary Judgment on the Most Significant Claims in the Complaint

ECBA won an important victory on January 27, 2016 in a partnership dispute that is pending in New York Supreme Court, NWM Capital v. Mark Scharfman, et al. ECBA represents the defendants in the case, the general partners in four real estate partnerships and the managing agent of apartment buildings in Washington Heights, among others. Plaintiff is a limited partner in the partnerships.  The Court granted ECBA’s clients’ motion for summary judgment on the most significant claims in the complaint, finding that there was “no basis for these claims.” The Court also denied plaintiff’s motion for summary judgment in its entirety. The value of the dismissed claims, according to plaintiff, was tens of millions of dollars. ECBA attorneys Dan Kornstein and Sam Shapiro represent the defendants.